Sandra Sii's Personal Details

Sandra's Photo
Name Sandra Sii
Birthday 1 day before Christmas Eve
Country Malaysia
State Sarawak
City Kuching (Cat City)
Race Chinese - Foochow

2005-06: Master of Information Technology
2003-04: Master of Science in Computer Science
2002-03: Bachelor of Science in Computing & Information Systems
2001-02: Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies
2000-01: Diploma in Computer Studies

School Attended

2005-06: University of New South Wales, Australia (MIT)
2002-04: Oxford Brookes University, U.K. (MSc & BSc)
2000-02: Informatics IT College, Kuching (diplomas)
1993-99: Kuching Town Government School (high school)
1986-93: S.R.B Chung Hua Pending (primary school)
1984-85: Kenyalang Kindergarten

Religion Christianity
Church Waterloo Chinese Congregational Church, Sydney
Language Spoken Mandarin, Cantonese, Foochow, Hockkien; English; Malay; Indonesian
Hobbies Playing Piano, Watching Movie
Favourite Food Local Food of Kuching including Sarawak Laksa, Ah-Chuan Chicken Rice, Tomato Kueh Tiaw, Kampua Mee, Kolo Kueh Tiaw/Beehun/Mee, Baby Kailan; Japanese Ramen
Favourite Drinks Local Drinks of Kuching including Lemon Sugar Cane Juice, 3-Layer Milk Tea, Lime Juice, Ice Longan; Ice Lemon Tea, Green Tea
Favourite Pets Mimi = Mayang = Ngiao = Mao = Kucing = Cat
Sibling NONE
MSN/Email My email